NOTE: The online registration is completed in 5 stages
It takes approximately 10 min to complete the application (Depending on your IT skill level)
You will use approximately 25MB of data. (depending on the size of the files you upload)

Stage 1
Course Selection

Stage 2
Upload ID-document and Qualifications in jpg or png format (You must have the documents available in electronic format on this device). You will be required to bring Certified Copies to the college, if you are selected

Stage 3
Capture your Biographical Data

Stage 4
Verification of Email, ID-No and Cellphone number. The systems does not rely on a password for authentication. Your ID number, email and cellphone is used to authenticate you.

Stage 5
A confirmation email will be sent to you with all the registration information.

NOTE: You need to complete ALL 5 STAGES before your application will be considered.

For Android Users please Download the 'Sedcol' app in the Google play store

Verify Career Interest Questionaire Details
NOTE: It is compulsary to complete the 'Career Interest Questionaire' from the first menu option before you will be allowed to continue with this application.

Your ID Number

NEW Application: Stage 2 - Uploading of Documents

NOTE: Only files in PDF, JPG and PNG format may be uploaded.
(You may capture the images with your cellphone)

Browse to ID Document (Max File Size = 3.0 MB * File types: pdf, jpg, png)

Browse to Qualification (Max File Size = 3.0 MB * File types: pdf, jpg, png)

NEW Application: Stage 3 - Capture Biographical Data

User Personal Info Title

First Name

Second Name

Third Name

Fourth Name



Marital Status

Home Language


Ethnic Group

User Info Continued

Home Address: Province

Home Address: Postal Codes

Home Town

Home Address: Suburb (Township Zone)

House No Home Address: Street Name

Postal Address Type

Postal Address: Province

Postal Address: Postal Codes

Postal Town

Postal Address: Suburb (Township Zone)

Postal Address: Street

Contact Details of a Relative

Identity Number




Phone No

Cell Phone


Relationship To Student

Is this person the student's Legal Guardian

Address of Relative

Residential Street

Suburb (Township Zone)

Residential Town

Residential Postal Code

Postal Address

Suburb (Township Zone)

Postal Town

Postal Code

NEW Application: Stage 4 - User Credential Verification

South African Identity Number (13 Digits) {Same as Your ID Number above}

CellPhone (an SMS will be send to this number for verification)

Email Address: (A Code will be sent to the email address for verification)

Sending the email verification code takes a while to complete.

Stage 5 - Send Application To College

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