Dear Applicant,
Thank you for choosing Sedibeng TVET College as the institution where you would like to further your studies.

The application process has 3 phases.

Phase One:
In Phase One you must complete a Career Interest questionnaire.
On the first page is a application form.
* South Africans must use their SA IDno.
* International students must use the ID number of their country and NOT the passport number.
There are 190 Yes / No questions. And it takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
At the end of the questionnaire a report will be presented to assist you in making an informed career choice.

Phase Two:
You will not be allowed to continue with your online application if you did not answer all 190 questions in phase one.
- In phase 2 you will supply us with your highest qualification: (Your qualifications will determine the courses you qualify for.)
- Select the course you wish to enroll for.
- Upload documents (Documents must certified and readable by our verifiers otherwise you application will be rejected)
* ID document / Passport
* Qualifications
* Proof of Address
* ID document of next of kin
* Study Permit (Foreign students)
* Letter from Employer (Heidelberg Part-Time students)
- Lastly you have to complete the biographical information section of the application
- On completion of this phase you will receive an email to confirm your application.

Phase Three:
You only need to use this phase if you did not comply with the instruction of uploading certified and clearly readable documents.
When the verifier rejects your application because they could not read your documents you may upload new documents here

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